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Anyone who wants to do something for their own health whether it is to gather their strength, energy or to have a pleasant and undisturbed relax is welcomed in our wellness. The Hotel Grand*** Wellness offers a water and sauna world where the guests can find high-quality equipment such as 1 person hydromassage baths, 6 person jacuzzi, 2 Finnish saunas, steam sauna, infra sauna and a cooling pool. As a wellness guest you can use the services of our professional and experienced masseurs offering a wide range of massages and procedures. A part of the wellness serves as a rest area with colourful lighting and relaxing music.

We would like to gladly welcome all the local and also foreign guests to come to the Hotel Grand Wellness. Here you can forget your daily worries and enjoy your free time.

We are looking forward to your visit :)


How you can find us?

The location of the hotel and our two parkplaces are showed below.

Hotel Grand *** - Sladkovicova 1, Zilina

Hotel Grand *** - Street View

Parkplace 1 - Na priekope 21, Zilina

Parkplace 1 - Street View

Parkplace 2 - Dolny val 35, Zilina

Parkplace 2 - Street View

Hotel Grand*** Zilina

Marianske square

Na priekope 29
010 01 Zilina

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