The front and the main part serves as a cafe, restaurant, bar and seating area for wine and also includes a coffee roaster (directly in the cafeteria), where we prepare our 9 Grams Coffee. Coffee for you. From there, word Brasserie. You can sit with your friends in the modern and comfortable area and enjoy for example, our lunch menu. The main entrance is directly from the Marian Square. The entrance is also from the reception of the hotel from the main lobby.

The non smoking area serves the lunch menu and it is often use for private parties ( about 50 people). You can also use this are through whole day. It is always open according to opening hours.

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How you can find us?

The location of the hotel and our two parkplaces are showed below.

Hotel Grand *** - Na priekope 29, Zilina

Hotel Grand *** - Street View

Parkplace 1 - Na priekope 29, Zilina

Parkplace 1 - Street View

Parkplace 2 - Dolny val 35, Zilina

Parkplace 2 - Street View

Below you can see the videos, that can help you to park your car to our parkplaces. Video from 2:50 min show us just the city centre, where you find a Hotel parkplace.

Hotel Grand*** Zilina

Marianske square

Na priekope 29
010 01 Zilina

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